Our Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

Waking up from a busy weekend is never easy, especially when you wish that the weekend could last just one more day.  With coffee in our hands, our office started looking through our emails this morning only to rediscover a message from one of our partner schools.  We can’t thank Slippery Rock enough for providing this comment on how we’ve simplified their internal processes:

All of the students have said it’s so easy and we see the funds in our account a lot faster.  I would definitely recommend using peerTransfer if you are looking to streamline your wire transfer process for international students and to save them money.  Student Accounts at SRU likes using peerTransfer because we no longer put our bank account information out there and it has simplified the reconciliation process.

This quote provided us the jolt of energy that our cups of coffee simply could not.  While we’re always focused on international students, these kind words remind us that our job is making lives easier for both students and schools.

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