This Week in Student News: International Student Conference Recap

Student development and success was the focus of last week’s US International Student Conference held in Whitewater, Wisconsin.  Now you may be asking yourself, what was this conference about?  Well, here’s a video to explain.

We’d like to applaud the group of students from the UW system who worked extremely hard putting on this great conference.  Overall, there were  120 international students representing over 24 countries.  “This is something that’s never happened before, and it’s something that needed to be done,” said Sara Amiri, an international student from Morocco and co-chair of the conference.

The topics discussed during the conference were career advancement in America, team building and leadership, international entrepreneurship, and diversity advocacy on campus.

When we were approached for the conference, we simply couldn’t say no to an event that brings together international students.  We were fortunate enough to be a sponsor and sent along our own video of our founder, Iker Marcaide, explaining how peerTransfer came about.

We will soon be featuring an entry from one of the international students who attended the conference about experiences of the attendees.  In the meantime, job well done!

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