Helping you get there: A message from our Founder, Iker Marcaide

In 2008, I was admitted to graduate school in the United States. If a friend told me back then that I would end up building a company to help other international students, I wouldn’t have believed them.

Well, here we are and I am thrilled to be helping thousands of international students. Just this past month we hit a significant milestone, as we officially brought on our 100th partner – in fact, as I write this post we already have students from over 130 schools using our service.  I believe this is the perfect moment to celebrate, step back, and share both where we came from and where we’re heading.

peerTransfer Founder, Iker Marcaide

When I moved to the US to start my MBA, I suffered through the complexities and costs of sending money internationally from Europe to the US.  As if all the other difficulties and challenges weren’t enough when going to school abroad!  I decided there had to be a better way – one that would let me enjoy my time rather than worrying about my “lost” tuition.  Soon after, I decided to create a solution that would help other international students with a more convenient and lower cost method to pay their tuition.

It gives me great satisfaction seeing that our company has now grown to nearly 50 incredible people, but most importantly, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many of our customers along the way and help to get them closer to their dreams.  Recently, we had a customer from Suffolk University attend one of our focus groups, and after hearing how she LOVED us, we just couldn’t hide a big smile and sense of pride. We are proud to help our customers, and it remains to be at the heart of what we do!I know that other international students have questions beyond “what is the best way to pay tuition,” and I founded this company because I want to truly help you.  This driving force was the motivation behind the launch of our blog, peerTales, to help you get “there.”  “There” for you might mean choosing a school, getting admitted, moving and getting the most of your experience, making you feel part of a unique group, making your savings last, or helping you land your dream internship or job.

With peerTales, you will read both useful and fun content that we hope will help get you “there.” For many of us, studying overseas was a life changing experience. I know that in addition to the bright side of your adventure, many of you have had uncertainty, fear and questions. peerTransfer wants to be there to help you.

We are very driven by what YOU need and would love to help you. I invite you to share what keeps you awake at night on our blog or Facebook page, and you can trust that we’ll be there to answer. Our doors will be always open for you. Come and visit us at our offices in Boston or Spain.

I look forward to working hard and helping you to get the most out of your international experience.

Your international friend,


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  1. Nicole says:

    How can an international student whose school is not currently using your service get their school to sign up?

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