5 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Your Money

We all know saving money is important.

But we also all know that most of us don’t do enough of it.

It’s true what they say – every penny counts.

So, consider this post our attempt to remind everyone of a few ways they can save a couple extra bucks.  Below are five quick thoughts, because we’re sure you would rather be spending your money on those important things (like books for college, trips home, that one-night only concert featuring your favorite band/artist….wait, that’s important, right?)

  1. Smartphones and expensive data plans – Let’s be real: do you really need internet access 24/7?  You’ve probably got a computer and internet at home. Leave it there. Not only will you be more productive by limiting your ability to stalk your friends on Facebook, but you can save hundreds every year by downgrading to a voice and text plan.  
  2. Buying new when used will do – Books, electronics, furniture, clothes, and pretty much everything else. If it’s in good condition, it works, and comes with a warranty, why pay more?
  3. Impulse buys – Whether you’re in the checkout line or shopping online, it’s best to avoid purchasing objects you weren’t originally planning on buying. If you weren’t planning to buy something, chances are you can do without it.
  4. Cable/satellite TV – The majority of networks post their shows online for free.  Premium channels like HBO and Showtime are most often restricted, but you can often find their shows on lower-priced subscription networks like Netflix or Hulu.
  5. Electric bills – According to Kiplinger, up to 40% of electricity used by home electronics is consumed while those electronics are turned off. That’s because most electronics still eat up power to run clocks, remote sensors, etc.  Unplug them when they aren’t in use and watch your bills decrease.

Readers, have any other tips?  What are some ways you’ve cut back to save some extra cash?

6 Responses to 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Your Money

  1. K Rude says:

    Very helpful post… I’ve definitely been considering selling my iPhone for something a bit more basic.

    Something else I’d suggest: hunt for coupons and look at flyers!!! I refuse to buy almost all groceries and toiletries for full price, because they’re almost always on sale somewhere!

  2. That’s definitely a great tip. We’ll be sure to include it in our next list of 5 ways to save. Thanks!

  3. Anne says:

    There’s an added bonus to unplugging your electronics when not in use: protection against the possibility of a power surge caused by lightning. I live in Florida, one of the lightning capitals of the world, so not only am I saving the value of my electronics by unplugging, I’m also saving myself the cost of the surge-protection system my power company keeps trying to sell to me.

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