5 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Your Money (Back-to-School Edition)

As our first two posts in this series have been well received, we decided to pull a “Backstreet Boys” and bring it back for another installment.  Late 1990 pop culture references aside, you can view our first two posts in our “Quick and Easy Ways to Save” series both here and here.

We’d also like to thank everyone who took the time to vote in our poll on the right hand side.  As of this writing, 50% of you indicated that you’d like to hear tricks on how to save more money.  With of all this in mind, we’d like to present this month’s tips, which are of the “back-t0-school” variety.

  1. Don’t need it, don’t buy it  – Simple, but not always easy.  Sure, that pencil sharpener that’s 80% off and is shaped like a Robot may sound like a great idea, but do you really need it?  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a wait-and-see approach for the items that you only think you may need.  Often times, this approach can actually be helpful as it will spread out your expenses over the course of a few months, which can often be more manageable then going broke in the first few weeks.  
  2. Shop online for bulk items – Buying in bulk is usually one of the most economical choices you can make if you know you’re going to need a vast amount.  Want to stock up on notebooks, folder, pencils or pens?  We suggest cruising around on Amazon.com and looking for deals.  If you find an offer for 600 pens, you can always ask some of your hallmates or fellow classmates at school if they’d be interested in chipping in.  They may say no, but always remind them of how much money they can save.
  3. Shop now – We are just in the beginning of the “Back-to-School” season, and this usually means terrific deals for students.  Think you’ll need a new laptop before the end of the year?  You may want to buy that now, as the savings and discounts offered at this time of year may be superior to any other time.
  4. Visit the outlet mall –  Looking for some new threads?  If you’re in a college town, odds are probably pretty high that there’s an outlet store close to your school.  Many designer clothes are sold at discount prices at an outlet mall, which can save you tons if you find the right bargains.  If you’re a female and want to look great while on a budget, there’s also sites such as Rent The Runway (http://www.renttherunway.com/).
  5. Stay up to date – Many companies update their social media accounts with news of upcoming sales as a reward for following or liking them.  Below are a few stores to keep in mind that can be extremely useful when looking for deals:
    Staples: @StaplesTweets
    Office Max: @OfficeMax and @OfficeMaxDeal
    TJ Maxx: @tjmaxx
    Marshalls: @marshalls
    Best Buy: @twelpforce

Like these tips?  Totally hate them?  Tell us some of your tips when buying back-to-school items! 

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