Monthly Archives: September 2012

8 Tips to Help Conquer Midterms

Studying Midterms

You’ve been in school for a few weeks and finally feel as if you have a handle on everything.  Suddenly it hits you: where did September go? Soon enough, you’ll be in the thick of midterms, wondering how the past …

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Celebrating our 200 Partners!

Celebrating 200 Partners

For those that frequently read our blog, you know that we’re not big on self-promotion.  In fact, we often write about problems or issues faced by international students all over the world.  That said, today’s update is not just another …

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College Myths That Can Prevent You From Succeeding

College Myths

As college is a chance to start with a clean slate, we wanted to share common myths that can prevent you from truly succeeding at school.  Did you hear that 50% of people fail a given class?  That you don’t …

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4 (More) Ways to Fight Homesickness


Due to the popularity of our last post on this topic, we’ve decided to write another four tips that will help you get through the rough times of college.  It’s our hope that with these tips up your sleeve, you’ll be …

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September’s 5 Easy Ways to Save Your Money

We’re starting off this week by adding to our running series, “Easy Ways to Save Your Money.”  You can find our previous posts here, here and here. Today, we’re talking about the basics, as the beginning of school can always …

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