College Myths That Can Prevent You From Succeeding

As college is a chance to start with a clean slate, we wanted to share common myths that can prevent you from truly succeeding at school.  Did you hear that 50% of people fail a given class?  That you don’t need to go to class because your professor posts their lectures online?  Below, we explain how these myths (or excuses) can prevent you from achieving all you wish.

Of course, depending on where you are going to school, some of these myths may be more appropriate than others. With that said, here are our myths:

Everyone is smarter than me – Being in a college classroom can be intimidating, especially as students rattle off smart-sounding questions on the first day, and take notes on where the bathrooms may be located.  But, it’s important to realize that you were also accepted into the university, and if the admissions board didn’t think you could handle the work, you wouldn’t have been accepted.  Furthermore, by trying to be the best student you can be, other students will not be able to affect your grade.  

I don’t talk in class – Whether this myth is caused by shyness or general apathy, it’s important that it be overcome in college.  Some of the smaller classes you may take count class participation as a hefty portion of your grade…after all, it’s the only way your professors may know that you did the reading.  Professors will know that not everyone is outgoing, so you’ll often find support if you start talking in class.

My professor posts lectures online, so I don’t need to go to class – Believe it or not, going to class is often times the easiest way to listen to these lectures due to the structure it provides.  Many students will initially believe that watching lectures online is much easier, only to find that it’s easier in helping them slack off.  Plus, listening online often means that you are cruising Facebook at the same time, ensuring that you’re attention is divided.

I can take it easy this semester – This perception is often reinforced by classmates who may be taking a light course load their first semester, or by seniors who may be just finishing up some minor requirements.  Regardless, everyone’s situation is different and depending in your post-college aspirations, “taking it easy” may not be allowed.  Also, if you’re looking to coast for one semester, it will likely mean that you’ll be stretched thin and overworked later on.  Remember that college is a marathon and not a sprint, and work appropriately.

I can’t handle college – Perhaps the worst myth, as telling yourself those four words can become a self-fulfilling prophecy pretty quickly.  The best advice we can give is that everyone needs to makes their own adjustments for college, and always remember to keep a positive mindset.  Hang in there and remember, this, too, shall pass.

Readers, what myths about college can you add to our list?

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  1. Indeed this too shall pass I think that a lot of students don’t see the future benefits of what they are doing they just know that they don’t want to take that next required math for their major.

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