8 Tips to Help Conquer Midterms

You’ve been in school for a few weeks and finally feel as if you have a handle on everything.  Suddenly it hits you: where did September go?

Soon enough, you’ll be in the thick of midterms, wondering how the past few weeks went by so quickly.  With that in mind, we decided to preemptively post about this stressful subject, in the hopes that it will give our readers a leg up on their exams (or papers).


Here are our top 8 tips:

  1. Take a walk – While we’ve suggested this tip before, it’s always a great way to get your blood flowing and increase your energy.  If you have the time, a trip to the gym may also work to clear your mind and ease your stress.
  2. Go on YouTube –  As the saying goes, “everything is on YouTube.”  You can definitely search random terms or look up your favorite videos, but if you need a quick break, it’s always a great bet to check out what’s on top of the charts: http://www.youtube.com/charts.  But, be careful! A short 10 minute visit to YouTube can often turn into an extended bout of procrastination if you don’t keep yourself on a strict time limit.
  3. Eat a snack – Giving yourself a few minutes away while feeding your mind with a stimulating and healthy snack may be all that you need.
  4. Call someone – Too often we let our friendships go by the wayside when we’re extremely busy.  One way to recharge your mind (and remain a great friend) is to give someone a call you haven’t spoken with in a while.  Not only will it get your mind off of your midterms, it’ll also provide a boost to your friend.
  5. Power nap – Naps allow your mind to absorb and process all the information you have been putting into it.  A quick 15 to 30 minute power nap can help you get ready for another study session.  If you go over 45 minutes, you may wake up drowsy and more tired than when you shut your eyes.
  6. Read – Sometimes the best break from reading is, well, more reading!  Just giving your brain something else to focus on can be a great way to recharge yourself and break up your day.
  7. Use flashcards – This tool can work wonders for memorization, although it’s less applicable if you’re studying for a humanities class.  Both inexpensive and portable, flashcards can provide a 5 minute study session wherever you are on campus.
  8. Allow yourself only 10 minutes on Facebook, every 10 hours –  It’s well known that some of the busiest times on Facebook are when people are at work.  So while this may not be too applicable to our student readers, it stands to reason that you may also feel inclined to check what’s going on in your newsfeed when you should be doing something else.  By allowing yourself only a short interval of time twice a day, it’ll help keep you focused!

Did we miss any tips that you’ve found helpful?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I loved the list very interesting and i got to learn alot keep it up

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