Student Discounts to the Rescue

Want to save some cash?  Of course you do.  You’re a college student.

But, have you been taking advantage of all the “student discounts” that are offered outside of campus?  In a recent article on the site, which is an online community for college women, there are many different stores and industries that allow students some type of discount.  In fact, there are so many discounts, our staff wishes we were all back in school to take advantage (okay, maybe not..but you get the point).

Below are a few examples of unique and great savings at some well known stores/brands.  If you’re looking to save, you’d be hard pressed to find some better deals.  


– Papa John’s: Pizza is a perfect option for any fast-paced student. Papa John’s discounts vary based on location, so ask the restaurant closest to your campus what discount they offer.

– Qdoba: Qdoba offers a free drink for students when you purchase a meal as well as burrito meals for $5.

– Subway: At Subway, you can eat fresher with a 10% discount when you flash your student ID.


– Apple: Want an iPhone 5 for less? Students can get an 8% discount online and in Apple stores on all Apple products.

– Dell University: A program through Dell that offers discounts on technology for students.

– Amazon: Students can get a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime, which offers free 2-day shipping on all of Amazon’s items.


– AMC Theatres: Looking for a break?  They offer special discounted tickets for students every Thursday. Check with your local AMC for pricing.

Plus, let’s not forget other websites and companies such as Student Universe and that are specifically geared towards saving students both time and money.  The first, Student Universe offers students some excellent travel deals, while Chegg gives students the ability to rent textbooks, sell books, and also ask their experts any tough study questions.

If you’re pinching pennies, do your research.  It may just pay off.

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