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10 Tips to Become a Green Student

Go Green

Students today are using new and old tactics to make a difference in their communities and environments. By making small changes to their study habits, they have set a precedent for future students to follow. To become a green student, …

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iStudent Corner: Emilia from Honduras exploring California

Emilia Rodriquez in Palo Alto

Today, we are interviewing Emilia Rodriguez, who is originally from Honduras, and spent a year studying at Stanford in California.   Where did you study and why? I studied at the Stanford University in California during my year abroad.  I chose …

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Making New Year’s Resolutions and sticking to them!

New Year's Resolutions

Eat better. Get more exercise. Read more Watch less TV. Study harder.

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Holiday Blues – How to have Happy Holidays being away from home

Holiday blues

Can you imagine the holidays without your family and friends? For most, this doesn’t sound very appealing.  Well, for most of the international students studying abroad in the U.S. for a better education this is reality.  It isn’t easy for …

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iStudent Corner: 5 College Survival Tips from Gulnar: Part 2

Study harder work harder

…continued from last week’s post. TIP# 4 JUGGLING A BUDGET Balancing payments for college and for living is probably the most challenging aspect for me as an international student, yet with a little bit of perseverance anything can be achieved.

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How to plan your Student Budget throughout the Year

Student Budget

It is important for one to balance their expenses and their income at the same time, especially for students.  There are tons of expenses to be considered especially if you are in college.  You may easily find yourself struggling without …

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How to tip in the U.S.!

Tipping the USA

To tip or not to tip?  And if you do, how much? A few month ago, my friend Julia came to visit me from Germany. One evening she took me out for a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant in …

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Make Your Fees Count!

Make your fees count

International students, ask yourself a question: am I getting all I can from this experience? If the answer is no (or a hesitant yes), then we urge you to keep reading this post.  And if the answer is yes, well, …

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iStudent Corner: 5 College Survival Tips from Gulnar: Part 1

Gulnar Headshot

It’s my pleasure to be a guest blogger for PeerTransfer’s International Student Corner.  I would like to thank them for such a great opportunity to share my experience with you!

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Money-Saving Strategies for the College Student, Part I: In a Frugal State of Mind

Money Saving Strategy

They say that your college years are the best years of your life. They may also be some of the most expensive. As a new college student, whether national or international, you know that tuition can be incredibly costly, not …

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