CENCOEX (CADIVI) – We’ll help Make It Easy!

We understand that the CENCOEX (previously known as CADIVI) process can raise a lot of questions from students.  The process may not always be clear and in addition, CENCOEX frequently changes its requirements.

CENCOEX (Centro Nacional de Comercio Exterior) is the Venezuelan government body which administers currency exchange in Venezuela. All Venezuelan students must provide documentation to CENCOEX in order to trade Bolivares Fuertes (VEF) into U.S. dollars (USD) for tuition payments.  Watch this brief video about CENCOEX  (which is intended for a specific audience but still helpful information).

peerTransfer strives to help students and their schools meet CENCOEX requirements for making education payments. We have experience with CENCOEX procedures and we have actively processed payments for hundreds of Venezuelan students.
Students need to work with their school to obtain the required documents.

We would love to hear your input on the CENCOEX process!

  • What can schools do to make the payment experience better for you?
  • Maybe it’s creating payment plans especially for Venezuelan students?
  • Creating templates of the CENCOEX letter in Spanish?
  • Has CENCOEX recently changed regulations and implemented new requirements?

Leave a comment below and let us know of any advice, feedback or questions you have about CENCOEX and we will be happy to share with schools.

5 Responses to CENCOEX (CADIVI) – We’ll help Make It Easy!

  1. Carmen Vanegas says:

    What role do you all take in the CADIVI process?

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  3. Orestes Cubillo says:

    Hi, I’m Student from Venezuela, I’m study in NYC in a Language School, i tried to explain my school what’s wrong about CADIVI, and my tuition account is in arrears, i need help to solvent this problem, what can I do?

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