Make Your Fees Count!

International students, ask yourself a question: am I getting all I can from this experience?

If the answer is no (or a hesitant yes), then we urge you to keep reading this post.  And if the answer is yes, well, still feel free to browse below as our theme today is making all of  your money count!

It’s no secret that international students tend to pay more money than their domestic counterparts when attending college.  Yet, some of this disparity is due to extra fees that are levied just for being an international student.  While not every school will ask for these fees, they are  often charged in order to provide extra services for you.

What do we mean?  

Well, in this article, William Brustein, Ohio State’s vice provost for global strategies and international affairs, says that the extra fees are caused by “pre-departure orientations all the way through arrival at Ohio State and during the four years of their undergrad, and enhancing and improving services for them.”  Specifically, these services range from providing additional English as a Second Language courses, as well as specialized academic advising.

In the same article, other schools state that the money from these fees are for extra events to help international students assimilate into school and a different culture.

So what should you do?  Be in touch with your advisers and friends to find out what services are available that may be of interest to you.  Even if you find out that your school has a not-s0-well-known agreement with a transportation company, that can translate into free rides and less money out of your pocket.

After all, if you’re not trying to get your money’s worth, than what are you doing?

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