5 Tips on mastering your New College Term

This semester may be your very first semester in college, or it may be your very last. Either way, every semester begins at square one and you should try to start off as strongly as possible.

Just like looking at January 1st as a new start with the opportunity to refresh, rethink your priorities, improve yourself, become better and try harder, try thinking about every new semester as a chance to learn, grow, and make mistakes that will add to your overall experience and get you ready for graduation.

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With a few New Term Resolutions you can add value to your new start and college experience:

1. Manage your time and take a reasonable course load:  Good time management skills can make all the difference in keeping track and staying on top of things. You can start by using a calendar to jot all events down such as exams, paper dues, study periods, vacation time and other things. Prioritize your college duties, but also make sure you are resting and leaving room for downtime and hobbies.

2. Take a reasonable course load and make good grades a priority:  Try not taking too many courses per semester. You may be ambitious, but being realistic will help you achieve your goals and allow you to be successful, happy, and less stressed out about your achievements. If you need to take on bigger course loads, make sure to compromise on other commitments. Remember that your GPA is a very clear indicator of where your priorities are and you should stay on top of that.

3. Join a new club: While you do not want to be over involved in something that will take up too much time, it can be very valuable to join a new club every semester and add to your college experience. Reevaluate the clubs or organizations from last term and see if there is something else that is of interest to you, something that gets you out of your comfort zone and exposes you to a fresh and new experience.  This will also enable you to meet new people and maybe even discover a new passion in life.

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4. Have your finances in place: Just like you should plan and organize your time, you should also manage your money in order to stay on top of things. This will allow you to focus better when your course load gets crazy. You can start by creating a monthly budget and jot it down into weekly allowances. If you need some advice on how to best do this, read this past post on budgeting your money throughout the year to help you get organized.

5. Be positive and stay open minded: Do you feel you are going in the right direction with your major? Try asking yourself if you are really enjoying what you are doing and that your future career will make you happy. If you feel like there could be something else out there, do not hesitate to talk to professors on campus who are teaching something that interests you. It may give you a better angle of your picture. Also, keep your good attitude, a smile on your face, and make sure you are maximizing every opportunity and only spending time on things that make you happy and take you where you want to be.

Remember, anything is possible, everything will work out, and you just have to take tiny little steps, day by day, semester by semester 😉

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