How to keep up with American College Slang

Have you ever wondered what “veg out, wasted, or all-nighter” means?  Well, welcome to American College Slang!

While every college has its own set of traditions, history, people and places, most college lingo(s) share similar vocabulary that will get you by at any institution.

Students Talking Slang

Moving to a new country can already be intimidating, but don’t worry, we have a list of typical American slang and its meanings that you may here on campus.

Take a look at some common slang from and For more slang check out

  • All over it (to have things in control ex. “You going to pick up the pizza?” – “Girl, I am all over it.”)
  • All that (superior, conceited, arrogant ex. “That guy thinks he is all that.”)
  • Alpha Greek (the male or female who “rules” the school
  • Greek system – or thinks they do)
  • Antler Festival (parties where there are more men than women)
  • As if (statement of disagreement)
  • airhead (stupid person)
  • Bag monsters (students who sleep all day or the creature that sneaks up, pulls you to bed against your will)
  • Baggage (emotional issues ex. “She has more baggage than an airport!”)
  • Bio-hazard (any object in the dorm that has not been cleaned all semester)
  • beat (exhausted, tired)
  • big mouth (talk too much)
  • blimp (very large person)
  • bombed (intoxicated)
  • booze (alcohol)
  • break (opportunity)
  • bummed (depressed)
  • Cash Cow – ATM ex. “I need to milk the cash cow before we go out”
  • Commodore – old or slow computer
  • Copy jocks – people who hog the copier forever!
  • Crushing – having a little puppy love for someone
  • catch some Z’s (get some sleep)
  • chicken (coward)
  • con (deceive)
  • cop (policeman)
  • couch potato (lazy person)
  • cram (study hard)
  • dough (money)
  • drag (boring)
  • Fab Fresh – fabulous and highly motivated freshman
  • Fifteen Minute Rule – rule allowing students to leave a class when professor is late fifteen minutes
  • Freshasaurus – a clueless freshman
  • Frontload – to eat or drink before the actual meal or party
  • flaky (unreliable)
  • freebie (free)
  • glitch (defect)
  • gross (disgusting)
  • guts (courage)
  • hot (stolen)
  • hyped up (excited)
  • I.D. (identification)
  • in (fashionable)
  • jam (trouble)
  • john (bathroom)
  • lame (inadequate)
  • Like – no meaning, conversation filler ex. “He was like, I mean, like so super ticked off that I did not call.”
  • Munchies – to engage in Munchapolooza
  • My bad – implying fault while apologizing ex. “Dude. Who broke the blender?” – “Sorry, my bad.”
  • Nada – nothing
  • nuke (heat in the microwave)
  • piece of cake (easy)
  • pig out (overeat)
  • pit stop (stop to go to the bathroom)
  • pro (professional)
  • Parking Gestapo – parking ticket police
  • Pizza pirating – to not pitch in for pizza cost
  • Playing house – a dating couple who practically live together
  • Prep snooze – the act of sleeping off a big night or in preparation for one
  • Prozac shot -cookie dough
  • Quack shack – college health facility
  • racket (noise)
  • screw around (waste time)
  • sharp (intelligent)
  • split (leave)
  • Throw me a bone – to ask for help
  • Umpteen – infinite or great in number
  • veg out (relax and do nothing)
  • Vanilla – plain or lacking excitement
  • Wang Chung – old
  • Zombied – to pull a an all-nighter

We also wanted to share this infographic from Skybox Creative that maps out the past 20 years of pop culture slang that has become embedded into American society.  Enjoy and let us know what slang YOU have come across with in the comments!

Infographic 20 Years of Slang

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