5 Tips on How to spend your Spring Break?

This is a guest blog post by Yi Li from StudentUniverse, former International Student from China at Michigan State University.

What is Spring Break?

Spring Break is a one-week holiday at schools, colleges and universities in USA, usually taking place some time in March to April.  The week usually goes from Monday to Friday, giving students the ability to get 9 days off by adding up the weekends before and after the break.

Spring break

What to do during Spring Break?

As a former international student, I cannot be clearer that a good plan is needed, otherwise 9 days could be easily wasted. Here are a few options:

1. Volunteer

Volunteering experiences help international students go out of the academia and get involved in different communities. Helping the homeless or participating in environmental projects might also be a good opportunity to make friends with diverse backgrounds. Find short-term volunteer opportunities on your university’s community services section on their website or at the following websites: Volunteer Match, Volunteer.gov.

2. Travel

  • 9 days are perfect to truly explore a couple of cities located geographically near each other so you do not have to spend too much time on road.
  • Cities that you can visit as a package:
  1. Northeastern metropolitan corridor: Boston + New York City (+ Washington DC if you have enough time)
  2. Western Coast: San Diego + Los Angeles + San Francisco
  3. Southeastern cities: Orlando + Miami + Key West

StudentUniverse.com is my favorite website if I was asked for recommendations on travel, not only because of its exclusive air ticket prices for students, but also because of the option to search events/activities for the cities you are heading to.

3. Concerts, performances and movies

It’s time to make up for the entertainment that you’ve missed before Spring Break. Shake your stress off by laughing or crying while enjoying fine arts.

4. Go to museums

The natural environment, history and culture of the U.S. are well displayed in museums scattered around the country. Take advantage of your student status and find many museums that are free or offer discounted tickets for students.

5. Activities by the Office of International Students and Scholars

Most colleges have an exclusive office serving for international students and scholars. When I was in the university, the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) was always trying to throw various activities for us. Browse the web page of the OISS in your school, they might prepare some good programs for you during Spring Break.


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