iStudent Corner: What you wish you had brought to the U.S.

Today we are surveying a few International Students from all over the world, asking them what they miss about their homes, their cultures and what they wish they had brought in their suitcases.

When preparing to move to another country, it is not easy to know what to pack and what to leave at home. However, the following tips for international students might inspire you and make you think about what is really important to you, and what you may want to bring when coming to the U.S.


Yen Lin from Malaysia

  • Favorite local stationary brands
  • Extra pairs of spectacles
  • Souvenirs from Malaysia – very useful when visiting
  • More pajamas
  • More than a pair of walking shoes
  • Postcards from Malaysia
  • Mixes of local cuisine
  • Favorite books – only a few though, because books can be heavy

Francesco from Italy 

Well, the only things I missed were good coffee and good Italian food!  But to be honest, I didn’t really miss that much. Anything you would want from Italy, well in my case, you could buy over here. And I always tried to remember that I would only be here for a limited amount of time and then spend the rest of my life in Italy. Hence I tried to make the best out of my stay and take advantage of the things you have in America.

Lucy from England

I wish I had a stack load of Chocolate Covered Digestive Biscuits! 

Digestive Biscuits

Yi Li from China

  • Accessories: You may want to bring scarf, gloves, belt, and hat from your home country. They are not cheap in US but easy to squeeze in your luggage.
  • Clothes: Bring some, but not all. US is a country of discount, especially on clothes. You could always find low-cost and high-quality apparel here. 
  • Slippers: I am from China and found it was difficult to find a pair of comfortable and cheap slippers in the US. You really want to get one especially when you will be studying in a city without a Chinatown.
  • Souvenirs from your country: You will make a lot of new friends in this country. Try to prepare some small and unique gifts which may symbolize your culture.  They would be very useful when your friends’ birthdays or other holidays came.

What do YOU miss most about your country and wish you had brought from home?  Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. GulnarB says:

    The only thing I miss is my mom’s cooking!
    Everything else is easily obtainable in the USA, as well as via online shopping. That’s my experience.

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