Money-Saving Strategies for the International College Students, Part III: Save on the Little Things

This is a guest post by Lindsay T., who is a recent college graduate and currently writes for Skyo, an online site that helps students in college save money with cheap textbooks and a variety of rental options. 

So far, we’ve shared with you some tips for getting into a frugal mindset and saving on major purchases. But what about small, everyday costs that add up? Here are some simple changes you can make to your daily lifestyle to save on the small things!

International Student Budget

Dry Clean Every Other Week

Chances are you’ve got enough outfits to wear for more than one week. Unless you need to dry clean your suit for your internship, try to drop your things off at the dry cleaner every other week. This may force you to get more creative with your outfits, but that’s a good thing. Maybe your dry cleaning costs $10 a week, but that’s still saving you $20 a month.

Get a Coffee Pot

If you buy a coffee every morning from the local café, it’s probably draining your bank account faster than you realize. Especially if you buy a specialty drink, such as a mocha or late, those can cost $5 or more for the biggest size. Save yourself money in the long-run and invest in a coffee pot. By brewing your coffee at home, you can save hundreds a year. And you can keep it interesting too – even your local supermarket carries coffee grounds from your favorite chain coffee shops.

Make Your Own Meals

If you’re on a meal plan at school, it’s important not to spend money at restaurants except on rare occasions. If you’re not on a meal plan though and you buy your own food, try to shop at the supermarket and cook your own meals. This will save you a significant amount of money compared to restaurant food. Get creative with your meals and try new recipes whenever you get the chance. You can even buy a crock pot to help minimize the work. It’s easy to use and can help you make enough dinners for an entire week!

Students cooking their own meals

Don’t Eat Late at Night

Not only is snacking late at night bad for you, but it can easily turn into a fourth meal, costing you extra money. Avoid ordering pizza or getting fast food just to satisfy your food cravings. Keep some snacks in your room like trail mix, granola, or crackers for late nights of studying. These are healthier, and you can buy them at the grocery store when you do your regular shopping each week.

Buy the Store Brand

Each time you buy shampoo, paper towel, or trash bags, ask yourself how much you really mind buying the store brand. Brand-name items can cost twice as much without necessarily giving you twice the value. For generic everyday items, you probably won’t even notice the difference.

Being frugal in school doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice. Stay tuned for more easy tips for students that can help you save and budget your money in college!

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