5 Facts for International Students on F1 Visas in the U.S.

The F1 visa category is reserved for academic students enrolled in colleges, universities, high schools, language training programs, and other academic institutions. The first step for a prospective student is being accepted for enrollment in an established school (University/College) which is SEVP certified. 

We have created a list of the most common questions from and for international students on rules and regulations regarding the F1 student visa:

International Student Visa

What are the requirements for F1 student visas?

  • You must be attending an academic institution or a language-training program;
  • You must be enrolled as a full-time student;
  • The school must be approved by the USICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to accept foreign students;
  • You must show sufficient financial support to complete the study;
  • You must prove that you do not intend to abandon your foreign residency.

Can I travel outside the US?

Yes.  You may return to the US after an absence of no more than five months. You must have a new F1 visa if your original one has expired. Have your designated school official sign your I-20 before leaving the US.

Can I transfer to a different school?

Yes.  You must notify your current school and work with the designated school official (DSO) to transfer your SEVIS record. You also need to obtain a new I-20 from your new school, and give the completed I-20 to your new DSO within 15 days of transfer date.

International Students

Can I work in the U.S.?

F-1 visas are intended to enable foreign students to study in the U.S., hence, there are strict work restrictions. Students with F-1 visas are generally allowed to work on the campus of the university at which they study for up to 20 hours a week. There are also two training programs that F-1 students can get permission to work under.  F1 students should always seek advice from the DSO (or foreign student advisor) before seeking employment in the United States.

For more information on employment for international students follow this link.

How long can I stay in the U.S. with a F1 visa?

When you enter the US, an immigration officer at the port of entry will issue you an I-94 card that indicates your non-immigrant status (F1) and your authorized stay. It is typically “Duration of Status” or “D/S” on a student’s I-94 card, meaning that you may remain in the U.S. as long as you are enrolled in the school to complete your academic program. After the program ends you will have 60 days to depart the U.S. If you need to renew your F1 student visa, follow this link.

For more information on visas, including visa types and visa exceptions, check out this blog post by immigration lawyer, Vincent Lau.

Disclaimer: Flywire is not an immigration organization nor has affiliation with any such companies. Our primary service is processing international education payments, and this post is meant only to serve as an informational introduction to help international students understand the basics about student visas.

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  1. Very useful for students who are trying to apply for f1 visa and get the visa

    Some more questions which can be important

    How many years I can stay after my studies are over.
    Can I invite my parents when studying in USA.

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  4. sateesh says:

    hi me sateesh i am planing to do 2 years MBA programme in usa how much cost of the cource and howmany years f1 visa come and what r the best universities

  5. momoh kester Aizebeokhai says:

    very informative and Educating. nice job

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  7. The information provided regarding F1 visa is very helpful, and I personally feel that it covers all aspects of working and studying in the USA, which often perplex international students.

  8. raman says:

    iam so happy ,really thanks to every body for the good infromation

  9. F-1 students must maintain a full course of study students must show that they are able to support themselves during their stay.

  10. Sean Ward says:

    Good, solid information. Don’t forget to mention how important the student visa interview is and how the student needs to prepare, or they could become one of the 160,000 international students denied their visa last year. You need to know the questions and what to say, and what not to say, to ensure you provide the three critical items the consular officer must know or they will simply deny your visa. Find out what these 3 items are and get the details you need at my site, gousavisacenter, and I also just finished a book called F-1 Student Visa Package that every prospective student needs before that interview.

  11. teganhowlett says:

    How long before the start of your academic programme are you allowed to be in the US for? I heard 30 days but I just wanted to check. 🙂

  12. burri prasanna says:

    How many years I can stay after my studies are over. i would like to do ms 2 years course ?? please give me details

    • admin says:

      Hi Burri,

      If you are on an F-1 student visa, you have a 60 day grace period after your date of graduation or last day as a registered student (whichever is earlier). During that grace period, you may remain in the U.S. but you may NOT re-enter the U.S. in F-1 Status. If you would like to stay in the U.S. for work, you may utilize the Optional Practical Training (OPT) benefit of the F-1 visa. For more information on OPT, click here for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services page. If you have any questions, ask the International Student services office at your school.

  13. Jayden says:


    I am international student from Malaysia. Currently studying in Oklahoma State University. Just in case, if I do not take any classes this semester, how would happen to my I-20 and Visa? Can I still stay in America?

    Thank you.

  14. Sally says:

    Can international student take 11 hours of credits to consider in status?

    • admin says:

      Hi Sally,

      In order to keep your visa status, you must maintain “full-time enrollment”, which may differ depending on your student status. Undergraduate programs require students to enroll in at least 12 credit hours each semester during the academic year. Graduate programs each define their own combination of credit hours with research time to be considered “full-time.” To remain in legal F-1 visa status, you should check with your program to ensure that you are maintaining full-time enrollment, especially if you’re a graduate student.

  15. The training programs for F-1 students that allows the student to work in off campus jobs are OPT and CPT. CPT is designed for summer internships while OPT is designed for post graduation employment. Both are really important for working in the US and students should make every effort to apply for CPT and OPT during their studies so that they can gain valuable work experience or even work for an employer that will sponsor them visas to permanently stay in America.

  16. milica says:

    Hi, I’m currently in usa on my B1 visa, and I’m going to start studies here, and change my status to F1. I’m just wondering, can I leave usa (go back my home for example on holydays) and come back, during my F1 visa? Thank you

    • admin says:

      Great question! Yes, you can leave the U.S. on an F1 visa. You just need to have your designated school official sign your I-20 before leaving the U.S.

      • Guillermo says:

        If I do this, can I come back whenever I want? Or do I have to wait until 30 days prior to the beginning of thw next scholar year?

  17. srinu says:

    Hi my name is Srinu,I have completed my B.tech in 2011(april).I tried for F1 visa on Dec 18 in2011 but it was rejected.later I quited my process for USA and tried for job here(India).I got job in software company.Now I am working ingGreen Buds Software Technology for 2 years.Now I am planing to pursue Masters in USA for 2015 spring.Is there is any constraints of getting visa as i had 4 yearsgap(1year for us processing,1 year for job searching 2 years of doing job) in my studies.Can you please reply me and suggest possible ways for my Masters not for HIB Visa.

  18. The information provided regarding F1 visa is very helpful. F-1 students must maintain a full course of study students must show that they are able to support themselves during their stay.

  19. krysna roca says:

    hi there
    please help me to know all the restrictions while staying in the US on an F1 visa. thankyou.

  20. Good Informative post about what can international students do with a f1 visa in the united states. Thanks for the post.

  21. cuteshreya says:

    nice information thank you for sharing this information with us..i want to complete my MSMBAinUSA

  22. Ruth says:

    Can I work with my F1visas

    • admin says:

      Hi Ruth, thank you for your question! F-1 visas are intended to enable foreign students to study in the U.S., hence, there are strict work restrictions. Students with F-1 visas are generally allowed to work on the campus of the university at which they study for up to 20 hours a week. There are also two training programs that F-1 students can get permission to work under. F1 students should always seek advice from the DSO (or foreign student advisor) before seeking employment in the United States.

  23. Josefina. says:

    Good information! I have a question ….
    I’m almost done with my certificate degree in Fashion, I would like to stay for little bit and work thus I need to get the OPT, I know I could get it, I just need to find out more about what it is and how to obtain it, would I need to apply for it?. The people at the international office at my school don’t know anything about nothing, they are new hires and I think you guys could help me more than they could.
    Thanks Josie!

  24. Bob says:

    Great Article with very valuable information. I am going to share this with my international students. Excited about stumbling upon your website. What a valuable service for these students. Thank you!

  25. Collegestudent says:

    I am currently a college sophomore and I have F1 visa
    Normally I go home for summer and Christmas, but this year my friends invited me to stay at their place for the summer
    I was wondering if I could stay in the US for the whole summer without going home?
    Thank you!!!

  26. Zanica says:

    Very good information, just a few questions, will I be able to work in the US after study and how do I get a job? How will I be able to obtain citizenship?

  27. Mariana says:

    Hi, I currently have a F-1. I’m studying English, but my class is going to finish in March. I’m going to continue studying, but it would be until fall. What do I need to do? I have to go to my country and then come back, or I can stay here waiting and study in fall? In this moment I’m looking for a university or college, to register me in April

  28. Joan says:

    I am a graduate student and will be completing first year of studies in April. Can I work during the summer holidays?

  29. povijovi says:

    I’m international student (F-1 visa holder) at Illinois State university and wish to transfer to Northern Illinois university. How long does it take to get admitted as transfer student (international) given that it’s the middle of spring semester?

  30. Can i get green card during my studies?

  31. PPant says:

    Is it possible for a person on F1 visa or the dependent visa to take up a position in the organizations or centers which are not for profit if they are not paid for their service?

  32. Monique says:

    Can I live off campus with a F-1 Visa?

  33. Excellent Assessment!…..

  34. s says:

    Hi there,

    Im an international student who already have been in US for almost 2 years but my visa will be only single entry from July. before then I have multiple entry visa. l want to renew my visa so I can go back home for summers. what are the chances? I heard it will be risky. why /?


  35. Sai Datta says:

    I’ve got a doubt.
    What if I do my Master’s(2 year’s) and then the PhD(4-5 year’s) then If suppose the number of year’s of my stay in Usa goes to 6 year’s then what does happen ? Do I become a Resident and do not need any H1B visa to work in the United States.

  36. Karen says:

    Hello, I have a question. My boyfriend and I are getting married next month. He is enrolled in college in Monterrey, Mexico. He has just been offered a job in the US as an intern. Will I be able to go with him?

  37. viky says:

    hi i’m planing for study. i got i20 from college.
    my intack in sep2015. if i get visa i want to go before 2 month in usa. i want to travel there. can i do this.?
    if i can not do this can i go in usa on tourist visa.?
    if i wiil go in usa on tourist visa i have to come back again in my country.? or i can stay there?

  38. SB says:

    Hi admin,

    I was hopeing you could answer this question.

    I am sorry if this topic has already been answered. I will keep it short. I am Danish citizen about to study in the US for my MS degree. I was so lucky to have some airmiles to use for my ticket, they were soon expire so I used them straight away to book my ticket to the US. The thing is I am not sure when the program starts just yet. Hence it was a bit of gamble.

    But lets say I am to early eg. my program starts on August 5th and I am flying into the US on July 1st on tourist visa which will be 5 days more than the allowed 30 days grace period. Can I then travel to the US on a tourist visa and then go to fx. Canada and stay there 5 days and then return as a F1? Or do I need to travel to my home destination in order to enter on my F1?

  39. bozhidar says:

    Hi there. I change my status from j1 to f1 last year. I am currently pending. I am still waiting for my visa but recently I experienced a car accident and I might need to go back home. My question is if I cancel my f1 application right now, how long I can stay legally in USA..is it there a grace period? I need it until I find a good plane ticket. Thank you very much

  40. Pentalks says:

    If you need any help regarding your assignment so we are here to help you.We manage a pool of writers with best academic writing skills.

  41. phani says:

    This is very useful. Thank you!

    I’m planning to go for PhD in CS starting from Fall 2015, so what is the duration of F1 visa I would be getting? Also, my passport is valid till Aug 2017, will that affect the Length of visa grant, etc or even the Visa grant chances?

    I can get it renewed only if its less than 1 year to expiry as per the current policy in India. I probably can do that from Indian embassy in USA after Aug 2016, Right?

    Thanks in advance. Good luck to all!

  42. Prerna Gulati says:

    I just received my acceptance letter for my master of finance in the USA. It’s a course in which 9 months of the programme shall be conducted in singapore and 5 months in the usa. From June to August 2015 and from may to July 2016 I shall be studying in the usa and the period in the middle I will be in singapore. in this manner , I know I’m not eligible for opt. Is there a way in which I can extend my f1 status , for eg by pursuing a certificate course and then complete 9 moths of study in the usa in order to be eligible for opt ? Can I utilise the 5 months I am in the usa and do a diploma or certificate course for 4 months in order to complete the 9 month requirement ? Or do I have to start from scratch again ?

  43. ram says:

    I have completed my MBA by 2012 and returned to India. Now I m planning to enter USA with New course in a new university, I have valid F1 visa till july 2016.

    Do I need to go for stamping once again?
    I have to apply for new VISA?
    Minimum how many months visa is needed to enter USA as a student ?

    Please help me. Thanks

  44. Ruruu says:

    I am 15 from amman and i would like to study in the us , should i have a guardian to get the f1 visa or can i go by myself?

  45. Ruruu says:

    Hello there !
    I am 15 years old from the middle east , i really wanna get the f visa so i can study in the USA but the problem is the i have no one there , should i have a guardian or can i go bymyself? Please rep,y thank you 🙂

  46. Kadiatu says:

    Hi,my name is kadiatu.I’m in the states on a student visa which expired a year ago because i didnt not maintain my 12 credit per semester.Now,my brother had filled to become a permanent resident and it hd been approved.Questions are-1do i have to back to ma country and what are the chances for me to get the visa.

  47. anish says:

    Hello. I am going to India on may 31st 2015 and will be back on sep 7th in usa. My advisor told me that I can take one online course if I go to india during summer term. Will that create any problem at POE ? And I will be out of country for 100 days aprox.. Do i face any problems if Im out of country for such a long time ?

  48. mukit says:

    hi,i want to know how can i check my f1 status now good or bad?

  49. Ashkan says:

    Thank you for sharing such great information.

    May I request you to answer my following questions?

    1) My wife intends to study master in US by our own money. I know that we must prove we can afford tuition fees and other expenses. Does it enough to prove for one year cost (studying+expenses) rather than entire cost of studying period? ( we can afford 1 year and we plan to work after that to cover some of the cost).

  50. Ashkan says:

    2) If so, can we show our properties value rather than bank statement (cash money)?

    3) As far as I know I need to apply for F2 Visa as husband. So, can I work in US while my wife study?

    Thank you

  51. To'lqin says:

    I am from Uzbekistan. I’ve recently been admitted into a US university but this spring (2015) I started studying my master’s in Korea. I want to study in USA as I’m not satisfied with the education I’m getting in Korea. Can I get a visa?
    Thanks in advance

  52. mehedi hasan says:

    sorry to ask
    just from my curiosity
    overseas student who go to U S A by F1 visa are there any option to do work more than 20 hours?? is this possible at any how?? if do then what would be the possible reaction?? thanks please let me know.

  53. Tulkin says:

    I am from Uzbekistan. I have recently been admitted into a US university but this spring i also started my studies in South Korea. Honestly, I am going to study in USA and leave the korean university as I am not satiesfied with the education I am getting here. I am going to apply for a visa in Korea. Is it possible for me to get a visa?

  54. sweta says:

    can we apply freshman after f1 visa?

  55. Antonio says:

    I am on a F1 visa, and I am thinking of renting my room with airbnb when I am not here. Can I make money this way or is it forbidden (my landlord is ok, but the airbnb money is considered income?) ?

  56. Kalin Penkov says:

    if I have a student visa, for how long can I go back to my country without loosing my visa? If I am at my second year of education, and I go to my home country, when I travel back to USA should I apply for a Visa (if I visited all my classes)?

  57. SAM says:

    I have a question about staying in the U.S.

    If I get accepted into a program that will allow me to continue my education from a different state. For example, a program in NY state that will require only sending the assignments and do some Online classes, and I will stay in the CA state. At the same time I am still required to visit the adviser once a month. Does the immigration allow me to do that?

    My other question, I-20 will be issued from a university in NY state. Driver License could be a problem, some states would NOT issue the Driver License because of the I-20 is NOT from the Driver License State! How to solve this problem?

    Thank you,

  58. sul80 says:

    Hi, I’m international student from saudia arebia in 1 may 2015 I’m going to finish my first semester in ESL language, i don’t like to take summer class, but I want stay in USA to begener fall semester in last August.
    Can i stay in USA Or there is a problem with the Immigration?

  59. sridevi says:

    I went to the US for doing masters with a 5 years F1 visa but the school asked me to do prerequisite courses which I did for two semesters and returned back to my country as I was unable to get into masters program ,its been almost two years and now i have admission into masters. Do I need to go for F1 visa again because I still have two years F1. I do know that I need to pay the SEVIS fee again but am not sure about going for a new F1 visa. please help.

  60. Ram says:

    Would you please explain about the work study program in USA for international students? What is the visa type and validity? I was explained that you can study on a weekend or take evening classes and work for 40 hours in a week, plus the visa validity is for 5 years? is this is a correct statement? Please clarify.

  61. Eva says:

    Hi, I’m an exchange student enrolled in high school with a J1 visa. I should go back home at the end of the school year. My parents and I thought that, since I wanted to come back in the U.S. for college, it would be easier for me to stay here and finish high and eventually get the in-state-tuition for public schools. The problem is that my parents are not able to pay all the amount of money that I should pay for college, and since I stay with a host family and therefor provide my own food and other needed supply. I was wondering if I could be able to get a off-campus job, since in high school there are no job offers, unless of course as volunteer. I have been in the U.S. for a whole academic year under J1 visa and I’m planning to go to college here.
    Thanks in advanced.

    • Sofia says:

      HI Eva,

      I have the same question and I was wondering if you were finally able to get the in-state-tuition for a public school and how? I thought I could only study for one year in a public school (as a j1 exchange Student , or f1 student). I’m in year 11 ad I would like to keep studying in the USA next year but I can’t really afford paying much more that the cost of a J1 visa, that is why I was interested in knowing how have your done it or if you know of possible ways to do it. Thanks in advance. Sofia

  62. hi this is vijay,I mplanning to do my asters from Virginia International University in july 2015 . is it a good university to start of my masters . any one who has done their masters from VIU can u please revert back.

  63. Leighton Lee says:

    Hello. I am already here in the USA with a b1/b2 visa, but I want to change to a F1. My school lawyers say that I cannot change my status now because I am here before the 30 days which school will start in September. My b1/b2 status will ran out in June I want to know if I can wait until September here to apply for a F1 visa? And can I be enrolled in one full time course and do another part time?

  64. Srush says:

    Hi I have a question regarding the F1 Visa expiration date.

    I am going for summer school this July. The dates of my program is from 29th June to 7th Aug. I applied for an F1 visa which I have received now. The F1 visa shows that the expiration date is till 26th June. However, my I-20 states clearly that my program is from 29th till the 7th. Does this mean I can only enter the country by 26th? This is not possible from my side since I have already booked tickets to arrive on the 28th. I called up the embassy and they’re like its ok if you enter two days later…what does this mean?? Any help appreciated!

  65. sharjeelahmed says:

    Hi,if one gets enrolled in community college as an international student then after graduation can he transfer to a four year school by applying for extension of VISA?

  66. Muhammad says:

    I was issued F1 visa to study at Gtech Language institute and completed the program on the 5th of March, 2015. I then got admitted for MS program at UT Dallas which commences on the 24th of August. I requested GTech to transfer my SEVIS record to UT Dallas but it said the duration between the completion of my IEP program and the start of my MS program has exceeded 5 months that my SEVIS cannot be transferred. In this case, must I depart the US within the 60 days period or could remain in the US? My return ticket was scheduled to the 21st of May. Also, the D/S date on my 1-94 is 5/31/2015. I’ll like to know if I’ve violated the F1 visa status if I depart the US on the 21st of May?

  67. I was studying abroad in California last year for 1 semester on a f-1 visa. can I re-use my student visa next time i go there and study for 1 semester? when I do my top-up bachelor I want to take one semester in the US. So do i need to apply for a new f-1 visa or can i just re-use the one i already have

  68. kay says:

    I am planning to go back home and my I 20 from this college expires in end of may and I am transfering to new university for my major. Will I have any problem entering US If I get a new I20 from the university I am transfering to when I am back home.

  69. Ahmad says:

    Can i apply for a work permit in the US once my post-graduate degree ends?

  70. Brook says:

    These are all really good things to know if you’re an international student on an F1 visa in the United States. I didn’t realize that this type of visa allows you to travel outside of the U.S. and then return after an absence of no more than five months. That makes sense, though. That way students would be able to go home for long periods of time to visit their family and friends. How long does this type of visa last?
    Brook | http://www.visas-online.com.au/visa-applications/student-visas.aspx

  71. BraveHeart says:

    I got F-1 visa last year but due to work circumstances, I couldn’t attend the university that year. The university I applied to last year accepted my excuse and transferred my admission from Fall 2014 to Fall 2015.

    I am planning to apply for VISA interview between June 7, 2015 and June 13, 2015.
    I have a brother who has just got F-1 visa and planning to study in Texas but I don’t know exactly when he will be there. He is planning to travel between June 3 and June 9.

    A question: I guess my visa is no longer valid now, so I need to apply again for another visa even if I want to attend the same course of study at the same university?

    Another question: When I have started filling the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160), I had to stop on a question concerning if there is any family member in USA now. What should I choose?…I don’t know exactly what to choose because I am not sure whether my brother will be in USA before or after the visa appointment.

  72. rubal says:

    Hi m from India ..I had completed my 12 and want to continue my studies in us.I had got 5.5 in iletets should it be OK to apply and one thing more is there any refusal chances

  73. ana says:

    Hi my name is Ana Maria I’m an international student, i got a question i got family in virginia and i was planning to get an online dregree (bachelor) can i stay in the us while i study online or not if i can, can someone tell me what should bemy next step?

  74. Venkat says:

    Hello Admin,

    Thanks for your Post, It helped a lot.
    I am currently a F1 Student in USA.
    My query is that.. Most of the Students who are on F1(OPT) are directly approaching Consultants for the Job Search. The Consultants takes this as an advantage and they are placing students in Good reputed companies and running a payroll on behalf of their consultant name. Is it a good Practice.

    Cant we apply for direct jobs in USA during the OPT(I mean can we apply directly to the US Based Companies). Does US based companies directly recruit candidates who are in F1 – OPT.



  75. karanbir singh says:

    i have completed my senior secondary in 2014
    i have scored 6 bands in ielts
    i want to know about for how much hours can a student work
    and can he work off campus
    please explain in detail or provide any link from where i can see that
    thank you 🙂

  76. bill atehh says:

    Please i got a visa in may and am told am only allowed to enter us 30 days before my programe starts is this true

  77. Sara says:

    Hello! I had a question. So I am a foreign student in an American high school with a F1 student visa. I wanted to have a part-time job so that I gain experience for my college application. However, all the websites I’ve found are about university students. Can I work if I’m in an American high school and if it’s my second academic year here?
    Thank you!

  78. Gaurav says:

    I appreciate your work, it’s a great job.

    However I would like to get confirmed that under WSP i.e. part time study and work(40hrs/Week) through f1 visa, Will someone will be able to work in a field apart from their majors using CPT/etc? If so please share the info if possible.

    Thank you.
    Gaurav Singh

  79. Ismail says:

    Hi I’m Ismail I’m in f1 student visa I entered the the US on 10 may and my study semester was going to start on 26 … So I went to mexico to visit a friend of mine there in the mean time … But unfortunately I couldn’t go back to the US on time …. Now I have a delay like 1 day … So can I re enter the US now or not? Please tell me because I’m very worried 🙁

  80. I want to know whether people who have applied for family based visa can apply for F-1 visa also in US..????

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  82. Katarina says:

    Hi! I am really stressing out. I am transferring schools and my old school has a new DSO who has no clue how to transfer my SEVIS record. I have been waiting for two weeks and not sure what to do: to complain to the higher authority or to keep waiting. She has also been rude and unprofessional.

  83. Lola says:


    I will like to know if it is illegal for the university to keep your passport and visa for more than one day. I thought it was illegal for anyone to hold your documents? Help. Thanks

  84. devin de silva says:

    I have been in the USA for one year.I couldn’t attend any class in this semester.so will I be deported to my home country after expiring my F-1 visa

  85. Thao says:

    Hi there, I am studing at a college in Seattle and I would like to transfer to Minnesota. Can I have 2 months break before I start studying at new school?

  86. Camila says:

    Hey, I’m from Argentina.. I’m student athlete (tennis) at University of Georgia. Can I work in the summer in other campus (UC Berkeley)?. They ask me to fill out all this forms for taxes which I already did in my school too when I work there. Am I ok?. Is there any problem?.

  87. neha jain says:

    nice article very useful information ..

  88. shara says:

    Can I directly visit my realtives in a different state before going to the state where my college is situated..

  89. Jun Ki Kim says:

    I am currently a student at a graduate school in the U.S. I am still a Korean citizen but hold an F-1 visa that I have obtained 5 years ago when I first entered undergrad. I stayed in Korea 3 years ago during the summer and renewed my passport and also switched to F-1 here in Korea during my stay (so even though I received my F-1 in the U.S. before leaving for Korea, I was told to apply AGAIN for a F-1 visa once I got to Korea since I was still a F-2 in Korea’s system.) I am once again here in Korea again this summer for about 2 months. However, I have switched schools (from undergrad to grad school; different schools in different states). Do I have to apply for a F-1 visa again in Korea even though I already have 3 years ago and I currently hold a F-1 in the U.S and in Korea? On my F-1 Visa section in my passport, it says University of South Carolina (which is my undergrad) and not my grad school. But the Sevis numbers on the I-20s issued from both schools match up so I was told there wouldn’t be any problem.

  90. Ranbir says:

    hello everyone!! I have a question to ask, I have just completed my masters in France,can i apply for second masters in US or not? what would be my chances of getting visa?

    • Rae says:

      I’m not an official or anything, but I don’t think that it really affects your visa. As long as your university accepts you in the Master’s program, and send you your SEVIS form, you should be fine. My brother just did his Master’s in Belgium and he’s going over to the States for another one and he’s totally fine. (And I’m going there to finish my Bachelor’s, yay!) He got his visa in a week and so did I! So just concentrate on making a good application to your university of choice!

  91. EGOR says:

    Can I enter the US after the date written in Sevis?
    E.G. I need to report to university no later than the 22nd of June, but due to problems with visa issue, it is not possible.
    Can I arrive on the 24th of June?

  92. Vishrut Patel says:

    I have currently completed my studies and graduated form SUNY Farmingdale and have applied for opt and recevied my ead card but now i am planning to do my masters and i have only 3 months on my opt so i wanted to know how long is it possible for me to stay i the us until my admission is confirmed in the college i am applying and also can i stay in the us if my admission is confirmed and if i cancel my opt till the time my college term starts.

  93. deni i says:

    How much cost to study at high school in usa with F1 visa?

  94. Vu says:

    Hi. I am an international student who just graduated from high school and will be attending a college next fall. However, I want to defer the admission to next spring just to experience the life here in the U.S.and volunteer in some voluntary activities. Is there any way I can work that out? I know that the F-1 visa won’t let me do so! Thank you so much!

  95. Sanjiv Kehr says:

    I completed my undergrad from a US university in 2014 and am currently under my period of OPT which is ending June 30 2015, I have now applied for a masters and believe I can ask my previous school to transfer my Sevis record to the new school for them to issue a new I-20. Do I now have to again apply to the US embassy in my home country to issue a new F-1 visa as my current visa has an expiration date of March 2019 but has the name of my previous school.

  96. avisitaraman says:

    Hi, I currently have an F1 visa which is valid for 5 years. But I am contemplating on discontinuing my course and going back to India for 6 months and apply to another college in the US. Will the same visa be valid or will I have to get another F1 visa ?

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