Money-Saving Strategies for the International College Student, Part IV: Make Money to Save Money

This is a guest post by Lindsay T. , who is a recent college grad and writes for Skyo, an online site that helps college students save money with cheap textbooks and a variety of rental options. 

By now, we hope you’re on your way to living more frugally and saving money in school. Our last strategy is to help you learn some easy ways to make money as a student. By bringing in some extra cash, even just a little bit, you’ll have more money at your disposal and more that you are able to save. Being part of a college community offers plenty of opportunities to make money, and here are a few favorites:

International student making money

1. Recycle Old Clothing

Recycled fashion stores are popping up everywhere and will accept in-season, lightly worn clothing. Take some time to go through your closet and pick out those items you bought but never wore or only wore once. Find out if additional items are accepted, such as belts, bags, and shoes. Some stores will even give you cash on the spot. The more well-known the brand of clothing, the more money you can expect to make.

2. Get a campus job

Campuses offer tons of jobs that will allow you to make a few extra bucks and simultaneously gain valuable skills. Some have very low-involvement – such as front-desk or office manager positions – and will even let you bring your textbooks and study on the job. You can also try working at the library, giving campus tours, or working in admissions. All of these positions will help you learn something new.

Campus Job

3. Offer a Service

Exercise your inner-entrepreneur by offering a service to the community around campus. You can find lots of ways to make money, from babysitting, offering rides, helping students move, or tutoring. See if you can turn the skills and expertise you already have into money-making tactics.

So take our advice and use these strategies to become more money-savvy! They’ll help you as a student, and many of them are good habits to practice in the future too.

Let us know how YOU save and make money in the comments below!

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