How to get ready for final exams at college

They are just around the corner, and whether you are a senior or a freshman, college finals can be the most difficult time of the semester. This means studying, handling stress and keeping on top of things to perform well is on the agenda.

We at peerTransfer have come up with some helpful tips on how international students can prepare for your exams while staying sane!

Studying for final Exams

Prepare well in advance:  It is a great habit to do a little bit of work each day consistently throughout the year. By doing your homework and participating in class you will likely have to study and stress less, and be able to revise the notes you are already familiar with to ace the exam.

Organize your time and study material:  Create a calendar and split up topics of each class that you will study each day and cross them off as you go. Write up a brief summary of each topic, highlighting the most difficult areas. When you are done with all your material, you can revise your summaries at the end.

Flashcards:  One of the best ways to revise your notes is to use flashcards. Write down the topics and outlines and look over your stack of cards to revise – you can even review them when you are on the bus or brushing your teeth 😉

Studying in groups

Study in groups:  While it is true that groups tend to start off with some catching up and chatting, they do get very effective, focused and cover a lot of material quickly. Talking about the different topics will not only make you think about them, but also help each one of you understand and remember the material better.  Studying in groups does not necessarily feel like you are studying, as you will likely laugh too and come up with mnemonics of the material that you will think of in your exam.

Stay balanced and healthy:  Make sure you get enough sleep every day to be able to focus and study better throughout the days. Take scheduled breaks and don’t forget to exercise or at least go outside and take a walk. Eat a healthy diet and do not skip meals and live solely on caffeinated drinks and pizza.

Taking final exams

During the exam:  When it comes to exam time, try not to panic. Even if some of the questions seem difficult when you first look at them, start with the ones you know and get back to the harder ones later. Remember, you have been attending class and gone through your material several times. You will be fine.

Now hit the books and study away! Good luck – you will do great!

If you have any more questions or tips and tricks, let us know in the comments below!


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