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Hotel, Hostel or Couch-surfing? Traveling within the U.S.

Travel International Student

More and more International students are taking the opportunity to explore the United States while studying abroad here.  Apart from low fare airlines, student discounts, and convenient access to airports, train/bus stations and rental car services, students may also take …

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Immunization 101 for International Students coming to the USA

Immunization for International Students

In preparation for your move to the US, including getting accepted by your school, choosing courses, setting up accommodation, buying plane tickets, etc. International students should not forget to arrange immunizations for studying in the USA! We here at peerTransfer have …

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Easy ways to register for college classes now!

Registering for college classes

Whether it’s your first semester or your last, registering for college classes seems easy until you sit down with the course catalog. The choices available can seem overwhelming, but by making some decisions and considering all aspects of your student …

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Choosing the right cell phone provider in the U.S. for international students

Cell phones in USA

It is hard to imagine living without it: Cell phones have become almost a necessity for students across the globe as the main way to communicate with one another. Since most of you are probably familiar with cell phone service …

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Housing for Grad Students: On or Off campus?!

Graduate Student Housing

While certain aspects of undergraduate and graduate studies are similar, being a graduate student usually means different preconceptions of university life, including housing styles. We here at peerTransfer have made a list of benefits for each option to help you …

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