Housing for Grad Students: On or Off campus?!

While certain aspects of undergraduate and graduate studies are similar, being a graduate student usually means different preconceptions of university life, including housing styles.

We here at peerTransfer have made a list of benefits for each option to help you determine whether you want to live on or off campus as a graduate!

Graduate Student Housing

On campus housing has been popular for undergraduate students for many reasons. Some of them are also valid for graduate students:

  • Residences are available fully furnished, as well as singles, suites and apartments.
  • Proximity Benefits: Close walk to classes, libraries and recreational areas.
  • Academic Benefits: Resident rooms and computer labs with internet access, tutors and other educational benefits.  It also gives you unique opportunities to participate in student government organizations.
  • Social Benefits: On campus living provides endless opportunities to meet new people and develop lasting friendships. A wide range of social, cultural and recreational opportunities are available.  This is particularly helpful for international students when trying to integrate culturally.
  • Health Benefits: On campus housing usually provides nutritionally prepared meals at the cafeteria. This way you won’t have to worry about cooking and buying food.
  • Intangible Benefits: Professional Residential Life Staff are available for advice or referrals on just about any topic from personal problems to career decisions.
  • The networking opportunity is great and relationships with fellow graduate students are easier to develop.
  • Studies have shown that residence hall students have consistently achieved higher grades than their non-resident counterparts and their level of involvment in campus activities, retention at the university and overall satisfaction with their collegiate experience has shown positive influence. No wonder, you are surrounded by others with high academic and career aspirations.

Today, living on campus makes more sense – for more students – than ever before. To learn more about on campus housing at your prospective Grad School, check out their website.

Graduate Student Housing

Off campus housing has its own benefits, especially for graduate students, which include:

  • Independence: You will not have to follow as many rules as students who must abide to Residence halls rules. (These rules are usually designed for overall protection and safety of the residents). Living off campus lets you set your own rules.
  • Privacy: Living off campus usually means that you will have your own bedroom so you have a place to go back to and have time alone away from your roommates.  The extra room also means that you’re probably able to find a quiet place to study in the convience of your own home.
  • Sense of responsibility: Living off campus will help you become more responsible. You will be in charge of bills, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and cooking.
  • Fewer distractions: You may older than the average graduate student and even already working, so living off campus will allow you to concentrate on your studies and more mature lifestyle.
  • Healthier eating: Not eating at the school’s cafeteria 3 times a day, but buying and preparing your own meals at home may help you eat better and not be tempted by too much fast food.

Graduate Student Housing

Some campuses are short of on campus housing, that’s why you will find that on campus housing sometimes is only available to undergraduate students.  Your prospective graduate school should have an off campus housing section on their website, helping students find housing off campus.

Other helpful off campus housing can be found at JumpOffCampus and Craigslist. If you have any more tips for prospective graduate students on housing please let us know in the comments below!

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