Monthly Archives: January 2014

How to study effectively: Best practices

Effective Studying

International Students are already dealing with many issues in their lives, and because of all of the different things trying to catch your attention, it can be hard to concentrate on studying.   We at peerTransfer have come up with some …

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8 tips for writing a great college essay

Writing a college essay

Writing an essay is probably one of the most important skills you need not only in college, but will also be beneficial in other areas throughout your life. We at peerTransfer have compiled a list of tips and tricks for …

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Applying to colleges in the US – big city or small city?

Choosing your campus

As many college applicants, you probably already have a good idea about which U.S. college is on your favorites list. One of the steps in finding the right college for you is deciding what type of campus setting you prefer. It …

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First Job Interview tips and tricks

First Interview tips and tricks

You are a senior at college or recent graduate?  Then you’re probably already in the process of applying for your first real job. As exciting as it is, interviewing can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t interviewed much and are …

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