Monthly Archives: July 2014

What are International Students Saying about peerTransfer?

After reading last week’s post about 3 Things Every New College Student Needs to Know, we hope that any incoming international students feel better prepared to enter college this year – and maybe some returning students learned something new as …

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3 Things Every New College Student Needs to Know

Starting college is a major milestone for any student. It marks the beginning of a thrilling, transformative chapter in life. If you’ll be studying in a new country, let alone an unfamiliar city or state, then you’re probably feeling even …

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The Best Places to Watch Fireworks on July 4th

Although many international students go home during summer break, there are plenty of students who stay in the U.S. for summer classes, internships, or just to enjoy time with friends or traveling around the rest of the country. If you’re …

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