What You Forgot to Bring to College

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Whether you’re already settled into your new dorm room or you’re still packing for your international flight, there’s a significant chance that you either forgot to pack something or didn’t even think to bring it. There are hundreds of ready-made lists available (see here, here, and here), but most of them lack certain items you never think you’d need but actually do. Rather than providing a list of what to bring to college, we’ve put together a list of what you forgot to bring (or don’t have on your packing list), and those “essentials” you brought along (or are thinking of bringing) and will sit unused in your dorm room all year.

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What you forgot to bring

  1. Febreze or similar cleaning product to freshen anything and everything
  2. Costumes/old clothing for themed parties
  3. Boot tray to place your muddy or snowy shoes
  4. Brita filter or filter water bottle
  5. Medicine: Bring a bottle of pain reliever, allergy medicine, and cold medicine. This will be just enough to start you off, and you can restock when needed.
  6. Alarm clock: At least once while you’re in school, your cell phone WILL kick the bucket. If you use your phone as your alarm, get an alarm clock as a back up.
  7. Staples for that stapler you did bring

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What you brought and won’t need

  1. Any kitchen appliances besides a microwave, coffee maker, and/or electric kettle or water boiler
  2. A trash can, especially if it’s wire. Nobody wants that half finished sandwich spilling through the wire basket trash can.
  3. Quarters for laundry, vending machines, parking, etc. Many schools have switched over to card payment systems, where you can pay with either a credit card or student card.
  4. Camera: Unless you’re a professional photographer or serious hobbyist, you won’t need anything more than your cell phone to take pictures.

If you’re looking for some helpful packing advice, check out our previous post about moving to America. What’s one item you can’t imagine not having in your dorm room? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Valerie says:

    Such a wonderful post! Both when I lived in the dorms and in an off-campus apartment, I used so much Febreeze. I found it better to start out with less stuff and add to your room when the need arose. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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