Monthly Archives: October 2014

How to Stay Healthy at College

Whether you’re an incoming first-year student, departing for an exchange program, or still haven’t shed that “freshman 15”, there are general health and fitness guidelines that all students can try to follow. If this is the first time you’ll be …

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Taking Online Classes as an International Student

With the world becoming an even more digitally connected place, online classes and programs have become quite popular. In fall 2011, more than 6.7 million students took an online course at a U.S. institution, which was an all-time high. For …

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A Basic Guide to Greek Life for International Students

Greek life – fraternities and sororities – may not be an integral part of every university in the United States, but it is definitely a uniquely American concept and institution. Fraternities and sororities, which make up Greek life, probably seem …

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