Securing a Job in the U.S. as an International Student


JobStudentThe process of securing a paying job upon graduation from college can be difficult and stressful under normal circumstances. As an international student, the process is even harder. There are at least 900,000 foreign students attending U.S. colleges and universities right now, and 225,000 foreign students graduate from U.S. institutions each year. As the numbers of international students rise, the competition for post-graduation employment increases.

Competition for entry-level jobs is always fierce, but for international graduates, competition is just the beginning. There are language and cultural hurdles to navigate, and many companies lack an understanding of the process required to hire foreign grads. Others are simply unwilling to take on the “hassle” of hiring foreign students. Career advisors are not always familiar with the challenges international students face, and International Student Offices often dispense generic advice on how to apply for OPT. It’s no surprise, therefore, that international students can feel lost or discouraged with the job-seeking process in the U.S.

As an international student, I experienced many of these frustrations while searching for a job after college. Upon securing a job offer, I found it difficult properly file my paperwork for OPT, and getting clear, accurate answers to my questions was an adventure.

This experience motivated me to create WayToH1B. WayToH1B was built to guide and support international students from the moment they start college. Many students don’t think about the job hunt until senior year, only to find themselves scrambling to land a job as graduation approaches. The goal at WayToH1B is to help international students make smart choices throughout their college careers, preparing them for success in the job hunt.

WayToH1B provides information on a variety of topics, including interviewing tips, applying for OPT or CPT, networking, selecting resume-boosting extra-curricular activities, and much more. The site also hosts a forum where international students can ask questions and get answers from peers.

For international students, securing a job in the U.S. requires a significant amount of preparation in order to navigate all of the obstacles. A quick visit to WayToH1B can start internationals on the right track early, and help position them to secure the perfect job post-graduation.


static1.squarespaceAbout the Author:
Gunhee Park is an international student who studied at Arizona State University. He has interned at Goldman Sachs and is currently working as a logistics senior analyst at Dell.

Park is the author of “The Blueprint: The Roadmap to Landing a Job as an International Student”. The book was inspired by his own frustrating experience landing an internship during his sophomore year in college. His book and website aim to guide international students who wish to remain in the United States after graduation through work sponsorship. 

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