A New Journey


Today we are proud to announce that peerTransfer is changing its name to Flywire!

peerTransfer was started by an international student who encountered difficulty wiring money from abroad to pay his university tuition in the United States. Today, we serve international students paying from 200 countries and territories, attending 750+ educational institutions around the globe.

As we expand our roster of universities and schools, add new features, and provide new ways to make payments around the globe easy and transparent, we have concluded that now is the perfect time for us to create a new name that better reflects our product.

Rest assured, while our name has changed, our payment solution has not. There will be no impact on any in-progress payments, and the process for sending future payments remains the same. You’ll continue to enjoy the same great online experience, dedicated service, and economical foreign exchange rates.  Please continue to visit peertransfer.com any time. At some time in the future, we’ll phase out the peerTransfer name and will ask you to go directly to flywire.com. Regardless, your account credentials will remain unchanged.

Thank you for your use of peerTransfer in the past, and of the new Flywire going forward. If you have additional questions about the new Flywire name, please contact us at [email protected].


The peerTransfer (now Flywire) Team

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