Flywire Friday: Top News of the Week for International Students – October 2, 2015

Students meeting each other

We’re excited to introduce a new feature on the blog: Flywire Friday! Each Friday, we’ll bring you a quick download of some recent news that may impact international students, and we’ll even summarize it for you!

Here’s what we read this week:

Did your college make the cut? U.S. News identified the 10 universities that offer international students the most financial aid. These schools offer international students an average award of $54,718 per school year. That’s some serious money!

International students are driving the growth in U.S. grad school enrollment. A report from the Council of Graduate Schools, covered in The PIE News, found that first time enrollment from international students increased by 11.2% last year, to a grand total of 21.6% of all first-time enrollees. An exciting trend for international undergrads considering continuing their education in the U.S.!

Beware: college students are a prime target for scams, according to The Boston Globe. Scammers trick students with fake financial aid offers and tuition payment requests. To avoid falling for these traps, never give out any personal financial information to someone you don’t know. If you are unsure about an offer or request, contact your university financial office to see if it’s legit!

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