Flywire Friday: Trending News for International Students – October 16, 2015


Here’s what we read this week:

Are you prepared to talk your way into college? Barron’s reports that U.S. colleges are adding video interviews to the list of application requirements for Chinese students in an attempt to cut down on the number of fraudulent applications. It’s likely that this trend will soon apply to all international students, so start getting camera ready!

Tension over migration policy is affecting international student intake in several countries. The Conversation published a list of ten things that a nation can do to discourage international enrollment. Harsh visa requirements, rigid employment restrictions, and hefty tuition fees top the list.

Global competition for international students is heating up. The U.S. has long dominated the international education market, but according to Fortune, the UK might not be far behind. Other countries including South Korea, Russia and Brazil are also trying to increase their share of the market, by enacting strategies to actively recruit international students.

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