Flywire Friday: Top News of the Week for International Students – June 3, 2016


Here’s what we read this week:

Campuses and adaptation. An article published in The PIE News discusses students’ needs and how campuses may or may not be fulfilling them. As the new generation of students becomes increasingly tech-savvy, campuses must keep up by providing a range of accommodations—from fast wifi to Zipcar.

Bringing diversity to international enrollment. According to the ICEF Monitor, while the U.S.’s international student population has grown at a staggering rate, the diversity of this population is lacking. Because approximately 60% of the foreign students in the U.S. come from only four countries, the impact on the education market could be massive should the demand for international education change.

Generalists wanted! In a study reported on in the Harvard Business Review, researchers found that students who had specialized in one field were less likely to receive job offers than students who had not specialized at all. The generalists were looked at by hiring managers as having a diverse range of skills.


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