Monthly Archives: November 2016

5 Ways International Students Can Ace Their College Applications

Applying to university—no matter which country you call home—is a complex process. International students may be unsure as to what, exactly, is needed to increase their chances of gaining admission to the American school of their dreams, but never fear! …

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Understanding how money works differently in the US and why credit is so important

Provided by SelfScore, a company founded by former international students to provide today’s international students access to scholarships, student loans (coming soon), and fair credit. When international students come to the United States to attend university, finances are always a major …

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College tuition fee scams: how international students can protect themselves

Times Higher Education – By Peter Butterfield, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Flywire   This year, universities and schools are reporting what seems to be a spike in tuition payment scams targeting college and university students. International students …

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