2017 Westbon Road Trip Challenge


Cross-country road trips are the epitome of the American experience. Books are written just to capture the excitement and joys that spring up from them, and every year, people hop into their cars to explore the U.S. Right now, Westbon is giving you the chance to have your own Great American Road Trip.

If you’re an international student studying in the U.S., register to win a spot on the 2017 Westbon Road Trip Challenge. Participants get to be part of a team, each of which will receive $1,250 cash sponsorship as travel funds. The winning team receives $2,000, so be sure to sign up! The deadline is March 17. Good luck!


One Response to 2017 Westbon Road Trip Challenge

  1. Teresa Hurst says:

    Very great initiative for international students..

    All international students should initiate to take part…

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