LoftSmart Series: Answering All Your Student Housing Questions

Here at Flywire we understand that making the education payment process easy and convenient contributes to our goal of boosting your student experience. For international students, the experience also involves moving to a new country to attend school — a process that many questions arise out of for those undertaking the move.

Finding resources that are not only trustworthy, but thorough enough in delivering the proper advice that is to come with your big move is difficult. That’s why we’ve partnered with LoftSmart, the US’s leading source for student housing, to come together and help make your move a seamless and delightful process. Over the next few weeks we’ll be working together to bring you all the most important information to aid in your apartment or housing search, highlighting the entire process from searching for your place to moving in.

LoftSmart is the world’s first transactional marketplace in the student housing space, revolutionizing the way students worldwide find their perfect place at their new school. Their site offers exclusive content that makes the process especially appealing to international students venturing to the US. Not only does LoftSmart make discovering your ideal property simple through their revolutionary VR tours, verified student reviews, and exclusive neighborhood guides, but they are currently the only platform that allows you to fully sign your lease and pay your apartment’s deposit, all online.

Their years of working in the college housing space makes them the verified experts and go-to source for all your housing questions. Stay tuned for what’s to come in the coming weeks through the following series, highlighting the entire journey of your move to a new school and country!

What’s to Come

  • Friday Sept, 1: FAQ: International Student Housing in the US
  • Tuesday Sept, 19: Renting an Apartment w/out Financial Background
  • Wednesday Oct, 11: College Housing Costs and Amenities

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