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Why Putting Off Work Doesn’t Work

Stop procrastinating

Thinking of procrastinating?  Think again. Putting off work is a natural part of being a human.  If it’s not due tomorrow, then we tend to rely on the “it can wait” excuse. But, as we’re in the middle of midterms …

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College with a Spot of Tea: Q&A with Ellen

The Houses of Parliament

This is our sixth post in our monthly Q&A session with “international students turned peerTransfer employees.” Feel free to visit here for last month’s post. Today, we’re interviewing Ellen Mangiaratti, who works in our marketing department and is originally from the United States.  …

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Celebrating our 200 Partners!

Celebrating 200 Partners

For those that frequently read our blog, you know that we’re not big on self-promotion.  In fact, we often write about problems or issues faced by international students all over the world.  That said, today’s update is not just another …

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4 (More) Ways to Fight Homesickness


Due to the popularity of our last post on this topic, we’ve decided to write another four tips that will help you get through the rough times of college.  It’s our hope that with these tips up your sleeve, you’ll be …

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September’s 5 Easy Ways to Save Your Money

We’re starting off this week by adding to our running series, “Easy Ways to Save Your Money.”  You can find our previous posts here, here and here. Today, we’re talking about the basics, as the beginning of school can always …

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English, Ponds and the Netherlands: Q&A with Teresa

This is our fifth post in our monthly Q&A session with “international students turned peerTransfer employees.” Feel free to visit here for last month’s post. Today, we’re interviewing Teresa Álvarez, originally from Spain and now working on our Business Development team.  While …

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One Simple Trick to Help You Save Money

When it comes time to shell out some dough, which method do you use – cash or credit? While there are now plenty of other options – credit, debit, Google Wallet – the main methods still breakdown to either cash …

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Student Life FAQs (Part 2)

As the beginning of the fall semester draws closer with each passing day, we decided to put together another post on frequently asked questions from international students.  You can see our first post in this series here. As always, it’s …

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Major

Undeclared?  Undecided?  Well, whatever the preferred term, do college majors even matter anymore? 50% of college students will change their college major.  Combine that fact with claims that average Americans may have up to seven careers in a lifetime, and …

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Student Life FAQs

If you’re an incoming, international freshman, you’re probably curious about some of the practical questions when you move to the US.  While you could probably get the answers you’re looking for with extensive Googling, who wants to take the time …

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