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Make Your Fees Count!

Make your fees count

International students, ask yourself a question: am I getting all I can from this experience? If the answer is no (or a hesitant yes), then we urge you to keep reading this post.  And if the answer is yes, well, …

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peerTransfer Now Accepts Chinese Renminbi!

Chinese Renminbi

We have some big news this week! We’re bursting with excitement to tell you that peerTransfer now has the ability for Chinese students to pay in their home currency, the Chinese Renminbi! That’s right – Chinese students, you can finally pay in your …

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Choosing a Major? Consider Future Jobs

Choosing a college Major

It’s tough being a college student these days.  Not only do you have an uncertain future in terms of figuring out just what you want to do with your life, but your chances of getting a job are significantly lower …

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Student Discounts to the Rescue

Student Discounts

Want to save some cash?  Of course you do.  You’re a college student. But, have you been taking advantage of all the “student discounts” that are offered outside of campus?  In a recent article on the site, which is an …

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8 Tips to Help Conquer Midterms

Studying Midterms

You’ve been in school for a few weeks and finally feel as if you have a handle on everything.  Suddenly it hits you: where did September go? Soon enough, you’ll be in the thick of midterms, wondering how the past …

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College Myths That Can Prevent You From Succeeding

College Myths

As college is a chance to start with a clean slate, we wanted to share common myths that can prevent you from truly succeeding at school.  Did you hear that 50% of people fail a given class?  That you don’t …

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4 Ways to Fight Homesickness

Going to college is a life-changing event for everyone, but for  international students, it’s a bit tougher. Why? Well, for starters, many times the family of an international student is not just a few hundred miles away…they’re separated by continents …

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7 Lessons from 20 Freshman Years

We took a quick poll around our office for seven different tips we all wish we had known before we entered freshman year.  While no list is always complete, we believe these tips serve as a good starting point.  After …

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How to Make Your Professors Like You (And Become Friends Too)

Grades are important, and depending on what your plans may be after college, they can be SUPER important. As the classroom environment in the United States can differ greatly from those around the world, making friends with professors can have …

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Your Money (Back-to-School Edition)

As our first two posts in this series have been well received, we decided to pull a “Backstreet Boys” and bring it back for another installment.  Late 1990 pop culture references aside, you can view our first two posts in …

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