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International Students: 4 Simple Ways to Put Your Family at Ease

Few events elicit as much excitement as leaving home to study abroad. Making a long distance move is a wonderful way to explore new cultures and make memories that last a lifetime, but your family may experience some anxiety and …

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Travel Europe on a Budget

For the international student studying in Europe, the expression “the world is your oyster” is especially true. A flight from London to Paris takes only an hour; a drive from Milan to Zurich takes only three. With so many cities …

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The 7 Best Student Discounts on Laptops

As a student, you’re probably always looking for the best deal, largest savings, and most convenient way to make purchases. With the school year starting, we want to make sure you’re aware of student discounts at some of the most …

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How to Live Without a Car in the U.S.

According a U.S. News & World report, 48% of students at the U.S. universities surveyed have a car on campus. That percentage varies widely from campus to campus; at some colleges virtually all students have cars, at other schools only …

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5 Tips on mastering your New College Term

Studying college students

This semester may be your very first semester in college, or it may be your very last. Either way, every semester begins at square one and you should try to start off as strongly as possible. Just like looking at …

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How to plan your Student Budget throughout the Year

Student Budget

It is important for one to balance their expenses and their income at the same time, especially for students.  There are tons of expenses to be considered especially if you are in college.  You may easily find yourself struggling without …

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September’s 5 Easy Ways to Save Your Money

We’re starting off this week by adding to our running series, “Easy Ways to Save Your Money.”  You can find our previous posts here, here and here. Today, we’re talking about the basics, as the beginning of school can always …

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5 (More) Quick and Easy Ways to Save Your Money

Last month, we posted our first 5 tips in this series and received a fair amount of positive feedback.  So, to the delight of some (and hopefully to the dismay of none), we’ve decided to post another 5 tips this month …

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