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Counseling Services for International College Students in America

Moving is frequently cited as one of the most stressful life events, but it typically only involves relocating from one part of your town to another or, in more extreme circumstances, one part of your own country to another. Imagine …

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5 Common Cultural Challenges for International Students

The move to university is a challenging one for many students, and for those going to college in a foreign country, the obstacles are even greater. Unfamiliar customs, new languages, strange foods – it can all become overwhelming. Here are …

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The International Student’s Guide to Madrid Nightlife

Welcome to Madrid: capital city of Spain, world-class provider of fine cuisine, and haven for nightlife that is second-to-none. Madrid is the perfect city for the international student with a strong sense of discovery. Exploring Madrid can be a full-time …

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Communicating at Australian Universities – What to Expect

So you’re headed for an Australian university.  Maybe you’ve passed the TOEFL or IELTS exams and will be taking degree classes, or maybe you’re going to study English. Either way, congratulations! Australia is a fantastic country with a world-class university …

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4 Time Management Hacks for College Freshmen

A common tendency among college freshmen is to overcommit during the first semester. Between classes, clubs, intramural sports, and making new friends, you may find yourself strapped for time as classes pick up speed and exams roll around. Here are …

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How to deal with leaving your home country and culture shock

Culture Shock

You have probably heard about it a hundred times, and some of us may not have called it culture shock, yet most of us experience the differences and challenges when moving out of familiar home surroundings into the “Wild Wild …

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iStudent Corner: What to expect when you first arrive at the airport in the U.S.!

Landing in USA

You have packed your stuff, you farewelled your family and friends and have boarded the airplane.  You are extremely excited about your new chapter in life – studying abroad in the United States. You have probably imagined what your room …

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iStudent Corner: How Francesco from Italy learned how to ski at Dartmouth!

Francesco in Florida

Today, we are interviewing Francesco Tollini, a graduate student from Italy, who studied at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.   What made you decide to study abroad, and why did you choose Dartmouth? I have two older sisters who …

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iStudent Corner: Emilia from Honduras exploring California

Emilia Rodriquez in Palo Alto

Today, we are interviewing Emilia Rodriguez, who is originally from Honduras, and spent a year studying at Stanford in California.   Where did you study and why? I studied at the Stanford University in California during my year abroad.  I chose …

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Globetrotter in Boston – Meet Nadine


Hello Hallo Hola Salut Ciao Cześć नमस्ते 你好 My name is Nadine, and I’m pretty much as international as one can be 🙂 I’m incredibly excited to be contributing to this blog with insights on all ends around the international student experience. …

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