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Loving College Life: The On- and Off-Campus Experience

Housing is one of the most basic needs you have as a college undergrad or graduate student, but you have options about where to go. Generally, you can live either on or off campus, based on your budget, needs and …

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4 Time Management Hacks for College Freshmen

A common tendency among college freshmen is to overcommit during the first semester. Between classes, clubs, intramural sports, and making new friends, you may find yourself strapped for time as classes pick up speed and exams roll around. Here are …

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What to Expect When Moving into a U.S. Dorm

Students beginning their studies at a U.S. college or university have a lot on their minds. Whether American or international, incoming students arrive on campus with a dose of nervous anxiety, accented by a host of concerns about roommates, dorm …

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What You Forgot to Bring to College

Whether you’re already settled into your new dorm room or you’re still packing for your international flight, there’s a significant chance that you either forgot to pack something or didn’t even think to bring it. There are hundreds of ready-made …

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Setting up your new dorm room: Do’s and Don’t’s

Clean dorm room

Your college dorm room is more than a place to sleep.  You will be studying, eating, hanging out, getting dressed and relaxing in it.  This is why organizing it properly and making sure you have all essentials is important. We …

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Furnish Your Room…with Garbage?

Ok, we’re not talking about actual garbage.  We’re talking about USED items that you can make your own! Most college students can ill-afford the several hundred dollar trip to Target, Ikea or Wal-Mart in order to furnish their dorm room …

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