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The International Student’s Guide to Madrid Nightlife

Welcome to Madrid: capital city of Spain, world-class provider of fine cuisine, and haven for nightlife that is second-to-none. Madrid is the perfect city for the international student with a strong sense of discovery. Exploring Madrid can be a full-time …

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4 Time Management Hacks for College Freshmen

A common tendency among college freshmen is to overcommit during the first semester. Between classes, clubs, intramural sports, and making new friends, you may find yourself strapped for time as classes pick up speed and exams roll around. Here are …

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Safety Tips for College Students

Safety is one of the five most important factors for international students when considering where to study abroad. Most university campuses and their surroundings are quite safe, especially in the United States. Campus safety is a priority, and many schools …

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Money-Saving Strategies for the International College Students, Part III: Save on the Little Things

International Student Budget

This is a guest post by Lindsay T., who is a recent college graduate and currently writes for Skyo, an online site that helps students in college save money with cheap textbooks and a variety of rental options.  So far, we’ve shared with …

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Air Travel Savings Revealed

Traveling via plane

Just like Flywire, StudentUniverse wants International Students to save money. This is a guest post by Jessica Canary from StudentUniverse. Getting schooled in travel Understanding a little bit about how the airline industry works could save you a lot of money. Today we’re …

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Money-Saving Strategies for the College Student, Part II: Save on the Big Stuff

Money saving College student

Last time, we talked about getting into a frugal mindset in order to save money throughout college. Now that you’re thinking frugally, what can you do about large expenses that are just unavoidable? You may need a laptop for your …

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How to plan your Student Budget throughout the Year

Student Budget

It is important for one to balance their expenses and their income at the same time, especially for students.  There are tons of expenses to be considered especially if you are in college.  You may easily find yourself struggling without …

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