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Quiz: Find the Right Job for You After College

When figuring out your first move post-college, it’s natural to feel a little lost. You’re still discovering what your strengths are, what kinds of roles could be a good fit, and even what industry resonates with you. But, at the …

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Money-Saving Strategies for the International College Student, Part IV: Make Money to Save Money

This is a guest post by Lindsay T. , who is a recent college grad and writes for Skyo, an online site that helps college students save money with cheap textbooks and a variety of rental options.  By now, we hope you’re on your way …

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Overcoming The Fear of Small Talk

This is a guest post by Michael Miller, Author and Founder of Culture Adapt. “Who the heck am I going to be friends with here?” I thought to myself as I looked down at my glass in the crowded bar. …

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