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iStudent Corner: How Ksenia from Russia got a job in the U.S. after college!

Ksenia International Student

Today we are interviewing Ksenia Yakustidi from Russia, who is a 2011 Suffolk University Alum with a Masters in Political Science.

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How to make friends being an International Student in the U.S.

Making friends in college

Have you ever felt like you are the only one who has not made (m)any friends yet at college? Being an international student in the U.S. can sometimes be intimidating, and you may ask yourself why is it so hard …

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iStudent Corner: What you wish you had brought to the U.S.

What to pack when studying abroad

Today we are surveying a few International Students from all over the world, asking them what they miss about their homes, their cultures and what they wish they had brought in their suitcases. When preparing to move to another country, …

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iStudent Corner: The Big Shift – Sending Your Money from One End of the World to the Other

Yen Lin

Today we’re having Yen Lin from Malaysia, current student at MIT tell us about her experiences and recommendations regarding money matters when coming to the US!

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iStudent Corner: Yongqing from China sharing some truths for new international students

Yongqing, International Student

Today, Yongqing Zhu from the Zhejian province in China is sharing some tips on being an international student in the U.S.  She currently studies Business Administration at the University of San Francisco. Since International students usually spend several years studying …

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iStudent Corner: American Nick meeting International Students in the U.S.

Nick from peerTransfer

Today, we are welcoming and interviewing our new team member Nick Botto, Consumer Marketing Associate here at peerTransfer.   Where are you from? I’m originally from a small town on the northwest corner of Massachusetts called Clarksburg. Most people have …

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iStudent Corner: From England to Miami – meet our International Student Lucy!

Lucy in Miami

Today, we are interviewing Lucy Cardigan from Cambridge, UK, who spent a year studying at the University of Miami.   Why did you study abroad and why did you choose Florida? I decided to study International Business knowing that going abroad …

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iStudent Corner: Emilia from Honduras exploring California

Emilia Rodriquez in Palo Alto

Today, we are interviewing Emilia Rodriguez, who is originally from Honduras, and spent a year studying at Stanford in California.   Where did you study and why? I studied at the Stanford University in California during my year abroad.  I chose …

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iStudent Corner: 5 College Survival Tips from Gulnar: Part 2

Study harder work harder

…continued from last week’s post. TIP# 4 JUGGLING A BUDGET Balancing payments for college and for living is probably the most challenging aspect for me as an international student, yet with a little bit of perseverance anything can be achieved.

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