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Tips and tricks for preparing for midterms

Midterms can be tough on your mind and body, and you probably don’t even want to think about them, but they are coming up and you should be ready for them. We at peerTransfer have put together some helpful tips …

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Why Putting Off Work Doesn’t Work

Thinking of procrastinating?  Think again. Putting off work is a natural part of being a human.  If it’s not due tomorrow, then we tend to rely on the “it can wait” excuse. But, as we’re in the middle of midterms …

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8 Tips to Help Conquer Midterms

You’ve been in school for a few weeks and finally feel as if you have a handle on everything.  Suddenly it hits you: where did September go? Soon enough, you’ll be in the thick of midterms, wondering how the past …

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