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Combatting International Tuition Fraudsters with the Help of Flywire

Payment Week – By Michael Dautner, Editor-in-Chief of Payment Quarterly   Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Peter Butterfield, CCO at Flywire, to dig deeper regarding the extent of fraudulent transactions at the expense of numerous students studying …

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Travel Europe on a Budget

For the international student studying in Europe, the expression “the world is your oyster” is especially true. A flight from London to Paris takes only an hour; a drive from Milan to Zurich takes only three. With so many cities …

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How to Live Without a Car in the U.S.

According a U.S. News & World report, 48% of students at the U.S. universities surveyed have a car on campus. That percentage varies widely from campus to campus; at some colleges virtually all students have cars, at other schools only …

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How international students can save money on food

Eating on a budget

Many international students live on a budget. Apart from paying tuition, spending money on books, housing and going out, adding the cost of food on top of that can quickly reach your limit. We at peerTransfer have come up with …

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Money-Saving Strategies for the College Student, Part I: In a Frugal State of Mind

Money Saving Strategy

They say that your college years are the best years of your life. They may also be some of the most expensive. As a new college student, whether national or international, you know that tuition can be incredibly costly, not …

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Your Money (Back-to-School Edition)

As our first two posts in this series have been well received, we decided to pull a “Backstreet Boys” and bring it back for another installment.  Late 1990 pop culture references aside, you can view our first two posts in …

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